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When it comes to maintaining optimum health and wellness, Infinity Wellness Clinic believes in a multi-faceted approach. That's why we offer a variety of services designed to help each of our patients thrive. Experience primary care with a natural approach with IV therapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, HOCATT sauna sessions, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, customized weight loss programs, and so much more every time you visit our clinic.


Call now to schedule an appointment. In most cases, same-day appointments are available.

Where Your Health and Wellness Opportunities Are Endless

Why Choose Infinity Wellness Clinic?

At Infinity Wellness Clinic, you'll find a variety of services that will help you meet your health and wellness goals. Whether you're looking to explore IV therapy, PRP therapy, ozone therapies, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, HOCATT sauna sessions, or personalized weight loss services, you'll receive support and guidance from our experienced team. Call today to schedule an appointment. As a new patient, you'll receive a reduced-rate consultation with a purchased package. Let Infinity Wellness Clinic help you feel good, thrive, and stay healthy!

Emphasizing a multi-faceted approach to health and wellness, while offering a variety of services designed to help patients thrive.

Multi-Faceted Approach to Wellness

Providing a wide array of services including IV therapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, HOCATT sauna sessions, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, customized weight loss programs, and more.

Range of Wellness Services

The clinic is proudly rooted in our community, owned and operated by local residents who care deeply about the health and well-being of their neighbors.

Locally Owned and Operated

Offering the convenience of same-day appointments for most cases, which is beneficial for those needing immediate care or consultation.

Same-Day Appointments

At our clinic, we offer personalized programs designed specifically to meet each individual's unique needs and goals

Personalized Programs

We demonstrate our commitment to patient satisfaction by encouraging our patients to leave reviews and share their experiences, as we continuously strive to improve and adapt our services based on their feedback

Patient Satisfaction

Empowering Your Wellness Journey: Insights, Tips, and Expert Advice for a Balanced Life

Wellness Education Zone and Blogs


Learn more about Infinity Wellness Clinic

Infinity Wellness Clinic is your source for personalized wellness treatments. Our experienced staff is available to answer your questions and help you determine which services would best help you meet your wellness goals. 


Be sure to schedule an appointment with us by giving us a call. You'll receive a complimentary consultation with a purchased package or service! As a new patient, we offer a one-time $75 clearance fee for the following services: PEMF, HOCATT, IV therapy, Ozone IV therapy, injections, and IV exosome therapy.

Here's what our satisfied patients are saying...

At Infinity Wellness Clinic, we take pride in providing exceptional wellness services to our patients. We would be grateful if you could share your thoughts about our clinic with others. Your feedback helps us improve and helps others make informed decisions. Please take a moment to leave a review of Infinity Wellness Clinic and let others know what you think.

Infinity Wellness Clinic is one of the first clinics in the Fargo-Moorhead area to offer exosome treatments for neurodegenerative disorders such as: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Dementia-like Alzheimer's and Auto-Immune disorders such as: Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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