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What in the CELL is wrong with me? 

Key Components of the Program:

Harmony Among All Your Body's Systems:

Your body is a complex machine where everything is interconnected. When every system is functioning optimally, you'll notice a significant difference in how you feel.

Activation of All Body Tissues, Organs, and Glands:

Blaming specific parts like the thyroid or stomach might not have brought you relief. Our approach considers the entire body for better results.

Efficient Cell

With trillions of cells in our bodies, their optimal functioning is crucial for overall well-being. If they're not working efficiently, you'll likely feel unwell.

True Healing from the Cellular Level:

In essence, regardless of your diagnosis, the goal is to heal your entire body from the cellular level, hence the name "What the cell is wrong with me."

Discover the Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Many of us struggle with health issues daily and often just don't feel well. People report their symptoms to their doctor, who then orders blood work only to conclude everything is "NORMAL", while you continue to insist, "I just don't feel well." This situation frequently leads to frustration and feeling dismissed, or even questioning if it's all in your head.Perhaps you even have a diagnosis and are taking medication, but guess what? You still don't feel well, or you're dealing with side effects.

Maybe you've pushed through these feelings for so long that you've grown used to feeling unwell, and now you're simply exhausted. Aren't you and tired of being sick and tired all the time? Let us help you unravel the mystery of your "Normal" labs which are actually clues to the underlying cause of all of your symptoms.

Our Approach:

Now is the time to find your path to whole body health. Our approach centers on rebalancing and restoring your well-being from the cellular level rather than just masking symptoms with medication.

Your answers will be found as I help you unlock the mystery of your "normal" labs.

Hi I'm Tracy

Welcome to our unique approach, where we achieve unique outcomes. The Whole Body Healing Program is tailored for those who feel overlooked by their doctors, despite being told their blood work appears normal. If you can't recall the last time you felt truly well, this program might be what you need.

  • Anyone looking for whole body healing from the cellular level.

  • If you are ready to invest in being healthy.

  • If you are looking to fix the root cause.

  • If you have been given a diagnosis, tried everything, and nothing has helped.

Who This Program Is For:

  • If you are looking for a fast fix—it took your body many years to become unhealthy.

  • If you are fixated on a specific diagnosis you have been given.

  • If you are not ready to fully commit to being healthy at this time.

Who This Program Is Not For:

Is This Program Right for You?

Natural Supplements Tailored to Your Needs:

Unlike conventional products, natural supplements are tailored to address your body's specific needs. Your body is remarkable and capable of healing itself when provided with the right tools and opportunities for healing.

Success Stories:

I've witnessed countless success stories through this program, helping individuals achieve levels of health they once deemed impossible. I don't need to see more lab results because I've crafted this program based on the needs of individuals with "normal" labs but unhealthy bodies.

Stop Consuming Unnecessary Supplements:

Let's empower all systems, organs, glands, tissues, and cells to function efficiently. I've witnessed miraculous transformations, and you can be the next success story.

Have you been experiencing menopause symptoms, difficulty losing weight, headaches, chronic pain, low energy levels, constant tiredness, anxiety, depression, feelings of defeat or overwhelm, difficulty focusing, brain fog, or any other symptoms your healthcare professional is unable to resolve?

I hear you and I am here to help you get Healthy!

Why Consider Supplements?

Why Our Program Works:

Foundational medicine extends into how we interpret lab results. Traditional medicine uses lab testing to identify and manage diseases that are apparent; we look beyond the traditional parameters and identify sudden imbalances that indicate underlying health issues before they manifest into symptoms and serious conditions.

Get Started Today:

Got Questions? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation or email us at
3 Month DIY Program
  • Month 1-3 whole body healing journey
  • Initial consult with labwork and review
  • 3 month personalized supplement program shipped to your door


6 Month Signature Program
  • All of what is included in 3 month program
  • Month 3-6: options weight release, mold toxicity, thyroid, metabolic or brain focus
  • 6 months personalized supplement program shipped to your door
  • Bonus: Healthy Curated Recipe Collection (over 250 Recipes)
  • Bonus 2: Starter exercise program
  • Bonus 3: Mindfulness/Motivation book


12 Month VIP Program
  • All of what is included other programs
  • Monthly 1:1 visits with Provider
  • Month 1-3 whole body healing journey
  • Month 3-6 weight release, mold toxicity, thyroid, metabolic or brain focus
  • Month 7-12 optimize and maintain
  • 12 months personalized supplement program shipped to your door
  • Additional set of Labwork/Review at 6 and 12 months
  • Bonus: Recipe book
  • Bonus 2: Starter exercise program
  • Bonus 3: Mindfulness/Motivation book


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